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íFerð logo

Concept: íFerð – A Sustainable Vehicle Rental Service

Design Brief:

íFerð is a visionary rental service dedicated to providing eco-friendly and electric vehicles, including electric cars, bicycles, scooters, e-bikes, and even electric boats. The company aims to make exploration effortless and environmentally conscious, encouraging users to “Explore More, Worry Less.”

Concept and Inspiration:

The name “íFerð” is a creative fusion drawing from several linguistic and conceptual roots:

  • Icelandic “ferð”: Meaning journey or travel, which reflects the core mission of the service – enabling seamless and sustainable travel experiences.
  • Norwegian “ferd” and “i ferd”: Signifying a journey or being in the process of traveling, enhancing the connection to movement and exploration.
  • International Touch: The inclusion of “i” conveys multiple modern associations – from the digital age (internet), personal engagement (I or me), to interactivity, highlighting the service’s global and innovative approach.

Logo Design Elements:


The name “íFerð” is presented in a bold, modern typeface that emphasizes clarity and confidence.

The accent over the “í” and the unique character “ð” are distinctively Icelandic, reinforcing the brand’s cultural roots and adding a unique visual element.

Color Scheme:

The primary color is a deep green gradient, symbolizing sustainability, growth, and environmental responsibility.

The gradient effect adds a sense of depth and dynamism, mirroring the diverse and flexible nature of the rental services provided.


Positioned below the main logo, the tagline “Explore More, Worry Less” is set in a lighter shade of green, ensuring readability and complementing the primary color. This tagline succinctly communicates the brand’s promise to its users – more exploration with fewer worries about environmental impact or travel hassles.

Design Rationale:

The overall design is clean and modern, reflecting the innovative and user-friendly nature of íFerð’s services.

The blend of cultural and modern elements in the logo signifies a bridge between traditional values of exploration and the contemporary need for sustainable solutions.


The íFerð logo is a powerful visual representation of a brand committed to revolutionizing travel with its electric and eco-friendly vehicle rental services. It effectively combines cultural authenticity with modern sensibilities, making it instantly recognizable and resonant with a global audience. The design promises a brand experience that is both enriching and environmentally conscious, encouraging users to explore more while worrying less.

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