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A time-lapse movie from Torgallmenningen, the heart of Bergen, Norway.It shows Bergen from spring (April) to midsummer (July) 2008.The track is “All Day And All Of The Night” by The Kinks.All photos are grabbed from’s web camera

Les mer

Tim Berners-Lee discusses the future of the web - the man who is credited with the invention of the world wide web, is now looking ahead to a new and more sophisticated way of using the internet known as the semantic…

Les mer Williams talks about his first hand knowledge of Alaskan oil reserves larger than any on earth. And he talks about how the oil companies and U.S. government won’t send it through the pipeline for U.S. citizens to us (via

Les mer

My Roskilde ’08 Schedule

THURSDAY July 3th 200817:30-Odeon-CLUTCH18:30-Orange-TEITUR22:00-Orange-RADIOHEAD22:30-Arena-THE HELLACOPTERS FRIDAY July 4th. 200816:00-Arena-BAND OF HORSES17:00-Orange-GNARLS BARKLEY19:30-Orange-KINGS OF LEON21:00-Arena-MOGWAI22:30-Orange-GRINDERMAN23:30-Arena-GOLDFRAPP01:00-Orange-THE STREETS02:00-Odeon-MOTORPSYCHO SATURDAY JULY 5th 200814:30-Odeon-JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ19:00-Orange-JUDAS PRIEST19:00-Arena-SOLOMON BURKE21:00-Arena-MY BLOODY VALENTINE21:30-Orange-NEIL YOUNG23:00-Odeon-LYKKE LI00:00-Arena-THE RAVEONETTES01:00-Orange-THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS02:00-Arena-BLACK MOUNTAIN SUNDAY July 6th 200816:00-Odeon-ANTI-FLAG17:00-Orange-SLAYER ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2008

Les mer

The BPA - Toe Jam (High Resolution Original) (via DaviiidP) Fatboy Slim gets a lift from Iggy Pop, David Byrne, Dizzee Rascal, Martha Wainwright and Ashley Beedle on the debut album from his new project, the Brighton Port Authority.

Les mer

One of the biggest revelations at WWDC was quietly unveiled in a session on Friday morning entitled “Building Native Look-and-Feel Web Applications Using SproutCore.” While Apple maintained high security during the entire NDA-sealed WWDC session, the secret of SproutCore is out because it is an open source project and people can’t stop talking about it.

AppleInsider | Apple’s open secret: SproutCore is Cocoa for the Web

In the past eight years the collusion between government and business has gotten worse, creating what economist Dean Baker terms the “conservative nanny state.” Lessig sees unmaking this state of affairs as the challenge of the era. “There’s a speech that Reagan gives in 1965,” Lessig says, “where he talks about how democracy always fails because once the people recognize they can vote themselves largess, they just vote themselves largess and the fiscal policy is destroyed. Well, Reagan had it half-right. It’s not as if it’s the poor out there who have figured out how to suck the money out of the rich. It’s exactly the other way around.”
In fighting this corporate socialism, Lessig thinks there are allies to be found among the “intellectually honest” right. He points out that the need to raise money from industry provides an incentive to grow government and maintain regulation as a kind of leverage to extract donations from industry. He’s made battling earmarks, a conservative cause célèbre, a Change Congress core mission; the first member of Congress to endorse Change Congress was Jim Cooper, a conservative blue-dog Democrat who is eyed suspiciously by the party’s activist base. Lessig’s touchstone in his conservative outreach is his father, who struggled every year to meet his company’s pension obligations, only to learn years later that big companies like Bethlehem Steel had an exemption in the law so they didn’t have to meet the same standards. “Now, from my modern political perspective, that’s exactly the thing I think is most outrageous about how the government functions,” says Lessig. “And from my dad’s perspective, that’s the most absurd thing about how government functions.”

Mr. Lessig Goes to Washington

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